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The Pull List – Bronze Age Boogie #6

Posted on September 26, 2019 by

The jive and swing of the Bronze age reach its outro in this issue of Bronze Age Boogie. The Martians have awoken the Old Ones, distance ancestors of the Martians. Now commanded by Eckhart, the Old Ones overwhelm the barbarian army. Brita makes her final stand against Eckhart, taking down the source of his power before her people are wiped out.

Also featured in this issue is a small puzzle and four short stories. Doug Peterson offers a nerdy crossword puzzle with Comix Tapes. Bryce Ingman and Steven Conley present a small piece about two aliens battling on Earth with multiple-choice endings in Final Battle: A choose-your-own-ending story. Kek-W gives brief recaps of famous literary works in The Atlantic City Review of Books. Tyrone Finch has a story about a town fighting back giant spiders in Franklin vs. The Spiders. Andrea Kriz and Ryan Kelly rewrite a comic book editor’s note in Re: Your Submission to [Redacted] Magazine.

Bronze Age Boogie: (It’s fun to serve in the) Y.M.C.A pits the barbarian princess Brita against the manipulative Eckhart. Time and space are threatened when Eckhart summons the Old Ones and sends them to fight back the barbarian army. Brita has merged with Godd, granting her cosmic powers and a standing chance against Eckhart. The fate of humanity rests in Brita’s hands, but does she has the strength to do what is right?

Stuart Moore told an unconventional time-traveling tale with zany characters and settings inspired by elements from b-movies. It was easy to get absorbed in the story that featured macho barbarians, a foxy street warrior and a zen martial artist, kicking butt against an alien threat. Moore gave small mentions of the origins of the characters with the introductions, leaving clues to a much greater history in the background. Alberto Ponticelli and Giulia Brusco go all out on the visuals. Brita is supercharged and is fierce in battle. Hideous creatures swarm a ruined castle. And cosmic energy pops from the panels. 

The exciting adventure of Bronze Age Boogie arrives at a fun conclusion that is action-packed, dramatic and a little offbeat. This series played with a lot of fun concepts and mixing it all together in a fun way. The strangeness might put off some readers, but it is reward for those that stick with it.

Bronze Age Boogie #6 was released on sale on September 25th, 2019.
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