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News Shotgun 11/9

  • More “…Has Fallen” Movies on the way: Producer on the “…Has Fallen” series Alan Siegel says we can expect a possible three more movies in the franchise as well as TV spin-offs designed for other countries.  The movies are hits internationally and the three movies so far have made a combined $500 million at the global box office, with the latest entry, Angel Has Fallen, making $129.9 million worldwide this summer.
  • Apple TV+ renews all its original shows: Apple TV+ launched a week ago with a slate of shows with high profile concepts and actors but reception to most of the shows has been mixed at best.  Nevertheless, Apple has renewed all its original shows for second seasons, which includes See, Dickinson, The Morning Show and For All Mankind.
  • AMC orders second season of Eli Roth’s History of Horror: AMC is looking to dig back into the horror genre with Eli Roth as History of Horror will return for another installment.  The second season will be six episodes and dive into topics like witches, monsters and evil kids with some of the best talent in the horror genre.  The first season was extremely successful in the ratings and got an extended version to stream on Shudder and also turned into a podcast.
  • LEGO putting out high-end Batman 89 Batmobile set: As part of the year-long celebration of Batman 89’s 30th anniversary, LEGO is putting out a high-end Batmobile set based on the classic car from the Tim Burton movies at the end of the month.  The set will be 3,306 pieces and feature a sliding cockpit and pop-up machine guns. Batman, Vicki Vale, and Joker minifigs will be included as well.  The set will release on Black Friday for $249.99 on LEGO.com and in LEGO stores.
  • Scream reboot in the works: Ghostface is potentially coming back to theaters as Spyglass Media Group has the rights to the Scream franchise and is working on a new film version.  It’s not clear if it will continue the quadrilogy or be a total reboot, like the MTV/VH1 series.  Scream co-creator Kevin Williamson is not expected to write the screenplay, which would seem to point to a reboot as he wrote every entry while Wes Craven directed each one.  Spyglass is also working on rebooting Hellraiser as well.
  • CGI James Dean starring in new movie: The horrifying next step of the currently in vogue de-aging CGI is arriving soon as directors Anton Ernst and Tati Golykh are bringing James Dean back from the dead to appear in a new film called Finding Jack.  The duo have the approval of the Dean estate and the movie is about a Vietnam war soldier named Fletcher Carson who has a K9 partner named Jack.  When the US military declares all dogs “surplus military equipment” as they pull out of the war, Fletcher refuses to leave Jack behind.  The CGI James Dean will play a supporting character named Rogan.
  • Michael Keaton and Samuel L. Jackson co-starring in a new action movie: Michael Keaton and Samuel L. Jackson are signed on to co-star in a new assassin action movie called The Asset.  Maggie Q is also co-starring and the movie is directed by Goldeneye/Casino Royale director Martin Campbell.  The movie follows top assassins Keaton and Q as they head to Vietnam to avenge the death of Jackson’s character, who was a mentor to Q.
  • Frank Grillo and Mel Gibson starring in new Joe Carnahan movie: Mel Gibson and Frank Grillo have already shot a movie with director Joe Carnahan called Boss Level that is coming sometime next year but the trio is reuniting for a new movie called Leo from Toledo.  Either Grillo or Gibson will be playing a former hitman for the Kansas City mob who goes into witness protection.  He has trouble remembering things but the mob comes after him looking for some of that info that he’s forgotten.
  • New additions to The Batman: Matt Reeves’ The Batman has been coming together in recent weeks and there are two potential new additions to the cast.  Colin Farrell is in talks to play The Penguin, joining Zoe Kravitz and Paul Dano on the villain side of things while Andy Serkis is in talks to play Alfred.
  • CBS rebooting The Equalizer with Queen Latifah: We’ve gotten two Denzel movies based on The Equalizer but CBS is bringing the series back to TV with a reboot starring Queen Latifah.  Latifah will be the titular character, who uses her particular skills to help people in need.  Latifah will also executive produce the show and CBS has given it a pilot production commitment.
  • Fantastic Beasts 3 coming soon: Universal has given the Fantastic Beasts series a third entry, sending the Harry Potter spin-off to South America, particularly Rio De Janeiro, which is home to Castelobruxo, a magical school as old as Hogwarts.  All of the main cast, including Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterson, Dan Fogler, Johnny Depp, and Jude Law are all returning and production will begin next spring.
  • Elijah Wood wants to reboot Nightmare on Elm Street: Elijah Wood and his Spectrevision producing partner Daniel Noah are very interested in doing a reboot of Nightmare on Elm Street, according to a recent interview.  They have talked to the rights holders but nothing has come of it as of yet.  Spectrevision has been behind movies like Mandy, The Greasy Strangler and next year’s Color out of Space.
  • Into the Spider-Verse 2 confirmed, will have Japanese Spider-Man: Late last week it was officially confirmed that Into the Spider-Verse 2 is on the way on April 8, 2020, and producer Phil Lord confirmed on Twitter that Japanese Spider-Man will join the crew in the sequel.  Japanese Spider-Man aka Takuya Yamashiro was the product of a deal between Toho and Marvel where Toho got to create a Spider-Man TV series in Japan while Marvel got to publish comics featuring Godzilla.

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