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Musical Montage: Ann Wilson “The Best Man in the World”

Despite being the 8th biggest movie of 1986, The Golden Child is mostly remembered today as a disappointment, especially coming off Eddie Murphy classics like Beverly Hills Cop, 48 Hrs, and Trading Places.  The movie followed Murphy as social worker Chandler Jarrell, who is recruited to rescue the titular Golden Child, who has been kidnapped by the evil Sardo Numpsa (one Charles Dance’s many villainous roles).  As far as the soundtrack, the movie featured songs like the classic “Puttin on the Ritz” by Irving Berlin but the main song from the soundtrack was “The Best Man in the World” by Ann Wilson of Heart, which plays during the opening credits sequence.  Wilson wrote the song along with her sister Nancy and frequent Heart songwriter Sue Ennis and the music was composed by the legendary John Barry, who composed the music for 11 Bond movies among many others.  There was actually quite a bit of drama surrounding the score of the movie, as Alan Silvestri turned down the movie and then John Barry came on-board but left due to creative differences.  Composer Michael Colombier came on-board and delivered a more “synthpop” score but some of Barry’s music was still used, so both men got credit on the score.  You can listen to “The Best Man in the World Below”.


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