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A Group of Vets Return to Battle in VFW (Trailer)

There have been a number of stylish and violent movies released in recent years vying for cult status, like last year’s Mandy, and coming soon is VFW, which pits a group of bad-ass old guys against young punks.  Stephen Lang stars as Fred, who owns a VFW that is a hangout for guys liked William Sadler, Martin Kove, David Patrick Kelly, and Fred Williamson.  A young girl shows up one night with a gigantic cache of drugs and the vicious drug dealer and his goons on her heels.  The guys decide to take a stand and wage one final war to defend the girl and their bar.  Joe Begos, who directed Almost Human and Bliss, directs VFW and Voltage Pictures and Fangoria are some of the production companies behind it.  It definitely seems worth checking out just by the cast alone but it also looks like an awesome old school action/horror hybrid that feels a bit like Green Room mixed with the aforementioned Mandy or like Hobo With a Shotgun.  It premiered at Fantastic Fest earlier this year and will hopefully be available to watch soon on streaming or On Demand.  Check out the trailer below.

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