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The Pull List – Bloodshot #7

Publisher: Valiant Comics
Writer: Tim Seeley
Art: Marc Laming and Jason Masters
Colorist: Andrew Dalhouse
Letter: Dave Sharpe

After a daring rescue, Bloodshot flies Mina Nez from the control of Black Bar. Mina, codename Eidolon, was one of Black Bar top agents and a weapon used in the fight against Bloodshot. With the support of the rogue spy agency, The Burned, Bloodshot had convinced Mina to join his cause for redemption. It isn’t too long before a Black Bar troops caught up with pair. However, Mina had prepared for trouble and brought Bloodshot to a remote location where Black Bar hides their darkest secrets yet.

The story reveals Mina’s time with Black Bar not only trained her to be a deadly asset but also gave her the means to make her own escape. Black Bar had mistaken to think Mina was under their complete control. This fleshes Mina a bit more, turning her from a captive to a saboteur.  Working alongside Bloodshot, Mina shows a covert prison that houses vile creatures, all stocked piled by Black Bar for emergency situations. Mina is convinced that someone like Bloodshot should never end up in a prison, being a tool for someone to use.

The last few issues set up a lot of the background stories of The Burned, Black Bar, and the forces bidding for power. Tim Seeley has built a great sense of anticipation by neatly explaining the motivations and stakes involved. With an opportunity for great power, it’s inevitable someone will try to seize it all.  An explosive confrontation will be set off in the next issue.

Bloodshot #7 was released on August 12th, 2020.

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