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EA Commentary: Wheels on Meals

For the latest Everything Action commentary, Zach and Chris are joined by Tristan Glover, the creator of the Martial Arts Film Freak Youtube channel to watch The Three Dragons classic, Wheels on Meals.

Directed by Sammo Hung, Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao are cousins who run a high-tech food truck in Barcelona while Hung plays a private investigator. Hung is hired by a mysterious British man to find a local girl named Sylvia (Lola Forner), a beautiful pickpocket and con-artist who is also the heir to a massive inheritance and becomes friends with the cousins (despite initially robbing them after spending the night at their apartment).  A gang of criminals led by Sylvia’s evil uncle Mondale is also after her and wacky fights and chases ensue.  The guys talk about the horrible dubbing, question Jackie’s skateboarding prowess, the incredible final fight scene between Jackie and Benny Urquidez, the surprising amount of downtime and more.  You can stream the movie on Prime Video and watch along with the commentary below.

You can find Tristan at @martial_arts_film_freak on Instagram and Martial Arts Film Freak on Facebook along with the link to his YouTube channel above.


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