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Cool Santa is Back for The Christmas Chronicles 2 (Trailer)

By Zach

Two years after debuting as arguably cinema’s coolest Santa, Kurt Russell is back on Netflix in November for The Christmas Chronicles 2.  As teased at the end of the first movie, Goldie Hawn co-stars as Mrs. Claus, and the duo is shocked to find that Kate, played again by Darby Camp from the first movie, has arrived in the North Pole along with Jack (Jahzir Bruno), the son of Kate’s mom’s new boyfriend.  Kate and Jack were in Cancun and fall into a portal that takes them to the North Pole and they have to team up with the Claus’ to fight Belsnickel (Julian Dennison), a troublemaker who is looking to destroy Christmas by removing the Christmas Star, which powers the North Pole and keeps it safe from discovery.  Kurt Russell seems like he’s still the coolest but it feels a bit like it’s lacking some of the fish out of water humor from the first movie now that it seems like it’s completely set at the North Pole.  The movie is streaming on Netflix starting on November 25th and you can check out the trailer below.

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