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Everything Action Theater: Enemies Closer

One of Jean Claude Van Damme’s first major roles was as a villain in the 80s classic No Retreat, No Surrender and he returned to villainy in recent years with his roles in movies like The Expendables 2 and Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning.  Another great JCVD villain turn that may have gone under the radar is 2013’s Enemies Closer, which you can check out here in the latest Everything Action Theater.  JCVD is the villainous Xander, leader of a gang looking for a shipment of drugs that crashed near the US/Canadian border on an island in a forest park.  Park ranger Henry (Tom Everett Scott) is a former Navy SEAL who gets an unwelcome visitor in the form of Clay (Orlando Jones), who wants to kill Henry because Clay believes Henry left his brother to die.  The personal vendetta is interrupted by Xander and his men and Henry and Clay are forced to work together if they want to escape alive.  Peter Hyams, who directed JCVD in Timecop, directs and it’s full of great action and crazy flourishes from Van Damme, including his character extolling the benefits of veganism while murdering people.  Check out the entire movie below thanks to YouTube.

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