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The Pull List – Second Coming: Only Begotten Son #1

Posted on December 16, 2020 by

Publisher: Ahoy Comics
Writer: Mark Russell
Art: Richard Pace and Leonard Kirk
Colorist: Andy Troy
Letter: Rob Steen

Sunstar has been the Earth’s powerful protector and the roommate to a resurrected Jesus Christ. Sunstar had been tasked to train Jesus to become a stronger leader in the modern era. Their arrangement was strange at first, but have each adjusted to form a friendship. Now Sunstar and his wife Sheila are expecting parents, thanks to a small miracle. But before Sunstar looks forward to becoming a father, he wonders what his parents were like in his birth world of Zirconia.

Second Coming: Only Begotten Son is a new story arc featuring the alien hero Sunstar and humanity’s savior, Jesus. But before the series delves into what is happening with the main characters, it takes a look at Sunstar’s origin. This issue explores Sunstar’s parents, Voldor and Zoldana, on the doomed planet Zirconia. Voldor is a scientist researching the instability of the planet. His findings point to the imminent destruction of the world and no hope to stop it. With little time to waste, their last moments are told in one unusual evening.

In this chapter, Mark Russell pens a fun spoof of the Kryton lore based on Superman. Russell adds a comedic view of the planet on the brink of annihilation, and the awkward tension it leaves in the air. Voldor and Zoldana are great characters, each handling their grim situation as best as they can. They offer a ton of energy to their scenes, making their short appearance pretty memorable.  Richard Pace brings a sharp and crisp visual to the story. The background is filled with futuristic and crystalized designs like it’s the Jetson household with tacky decor. Leonard Kirk and Andy Troy wrap up the artwork that combines well with Pace’s pieces.

Only Begotten Son #1 detours at the start to focus on a side story, leaving the main premise to be flushed out in the next issue. Nevertheless, the team’s creative work is a great read that plays well with familiar settings and quirky characters.

In addition to Only Begotten Son, there are two short stories in this issue. A suave and smallish spy takes on an assignment on New Year’s Even in The Copperhead Affair, written by Carl Caferelli, and an illustration by Ed Catto. A small town fights back Krampus in Frankling vs. Krampus, written by Tyrone Finch and an illustration from Daniel Schoeneck.

Second Coming: Only Begotten Son #1 was released on December 16th, 2020.

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