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Action Hero of the Week: Jimmy Conlon

Name: James “The Gravedigger” Conlon

Occupation: Former Irish mob enforcer/hitman

Family: Mike Conlon (Son), Eddie Conlon (Brother), Margaret Conlon (Mother), Gabriela Conlon (Daughter-in-Law)

Allies: Detective Harding, Curtis “Legs” Banks

Enemies: Shawn Maguire, Danny Maguire, Andrew Price, Pat Mullen, Frank, Colston, Kenan Boyle

Weapon(s) of Choice: Ruger GP100, Winchester Model 1882

Body Count: 12

Memorable Quote: “The things I did, the things I’ve seen, it becomes who you are. You can’t just go home and scrub it off. The only way I could protect you was to walk away. Forget about you and your mom. I wanted a better life for you than the one I chose for myself”

See Jimmy in Action:

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