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Emma Stone Breaks Bad for Disney with Cruella (Trailer)

By Zach

Seemingly taking a cue from recent DC movies like Birds of Prey and Joker, Disney is diving into the origins of one of their most beloved villains with Cruella.  A prequel to 101 Dalmatians, Emma Stone plays a young, insane fashionista and grifter named Estella.  Her outrageous outfits draw the attention of Baroness Von Hellman (Emma Thompson), who hires Estella for her London fashion house but Estella seems determined to become the number one fashion icon in London, and possibly the world, at any cost.  Paul Walter Hauser and Joel Fry are Estella/Cruella’s henchmen Jasper and Horace, who help Cruella carry out her various schemes and Emily Beecham plays Anita, future owner of Perdita and her many, many dalmatian puppies.  Mark Strong and Kirby Howell-Baptiste co-star as well.  The movie is directed by Craig Gillespie, who directed I, Tonya.  There were reports that Cruella might skip theaters and also the “Premier Access” payment and premiere for all Disney+ subscribers this year but it seems like it will have a theatrical release, at least right now, in May of this year, May 28th to be exact.  Check out the trailer below.

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