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Everything Action Commentary: Highlander

To celebrate its 35th anniversary earlier this month, Zach, Chris, and special guests Chris Ali and Adam watched the 80s action classic, Highlander, for the latest Everything Action Commentary.

Featuring the breakout role for Christopher Lambert, a wonderfully ridiculous supporting role from Sean Connery, an over the top villain in The Kurgan and one of the greatest soundtracks of all time from Queen, Highlander is a cult classic that maybe isn’t actually good, but still a ton of fun.  The guys try to figure out the physics of The Quickening, why Connor dresses like a serial strangler in the modern era, the spark-filled sword battles, and much more.  The movie is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video and Peacock or Tubi (but with ads) or just grab your DVD or Blu-Ray copy and sync it up with the commentary below to battle for The Prize along with the Everything Action crew.

You can find Adam at @addamthecomic on Twitter and Twitch and at theadman2315#2135 on Discord

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