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The Star Wars Animated Universe Continues in May with The Bad Batch (Trailer)

Introduced in the incredible final season of The Clone Wars on Disney+, the badass team of clones known as The Bad Batch are getting their own series which begins on May the 4th on Disney+.  A special squad of genetically modified clones, each member of The Bad Batch has their own specialty and ability that allows them to do the job of an entire army with only the five members of their team.  Due to their uniqueness, The Bad Batch is unaffected by Order 66 but this marks them as dangerous enemies to the newly declared Empire and they go underground to avoid execution orders and become mercenaries.  It looks like their path will cross with a variety of characters who have appeared in and out of animation, including Captain Rex, Saw Gerrara, Grand Moff Tarkin, and Fennec Shand in a time before she appeared on The Mandalorian (with Ming Na-Wen returning to voice her).  Dee Bradley Baker voices the entire Bad Batch along with Captain Rex and any other clone characters and Dave Filoni is, of course, executive producing.  The first episode will be 70 minutes followed by more regular length episodes every Friday following the premiere.  Check out the trailer below.

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