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Musical Montage: Maximum Overdrive

Stephen King’s coke-fueled nightmare Maximum Overdrive turned 35 this past weekend and while most of the film is remembered for being “so bad it’s good”, one thing that is unequivocally great about it is its soundtrack, provided by the legendary AC/DC. AC/DC is Stephen King’s favorite band they put out an album called Who Made Who which was also the soundtrack album for Maximum Overdrive.  Along with featuring classic AC/DC songs like “You Shook Me All Night Long”, “Hells Bells” and “For Those About to Rock” pulled from past albums like Back in Black, the album featured three original songs, including the title track “Who Made Who”.  The album came out in May before the movie hit theaters in July of 1986 and it went 5x Platinum in the US.  A VHS tape also came out with the album that featured videos for five of the songs, including the sci-fi-themed one of “Who Made Who” that sees a mad scientist attempt to create a clone army of Angus Youngs.  You can check out a bunch of the songs and videos from the album below.

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