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Musical Montage: 21 Savage “Spiral”

The Saw franchise hasn’t really had any soundtrack or tie-in songs, mostly relying on composer Charlie Clouser’s excellent and iconic music but for this year’s Spiral, Clouser’s music was remixed by rapper 21 Savage for the series first soundtrack rap song, “Spiral”.  21 Savage was the executive producer of the movie’s soundtrack EP, which included “Spiral” along with tracks by his cousin Young Nudy, Real Recognize Rio, 21 Lil Harold, SG Tip, Gunna, and Young Thug, all of which can be heard throughout the film in stark contrast to the other movies in the franchise which just had Clouser’s score.  21 Savage also stars in a music video for “Spiral”, which finds the rapper in various Saw/Spiral locales, including what looks like the first film’s bathroom and disgusting butcher/meat processing area.  You can check out the music video below.

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