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Hit-Monkey Comes to Hulu in November (Trailer)

Along with his well-received runs on Deadpool and Wolverine, Daniel Way created one of the wildest Marvel characters ever with Hit-Monkey, a Japanese macaque who becomes one of the greatest assassins in the Marvel universe.  Following on the heels of MODOK, Hit-Monkey is getting his own Marvel Hulu series in November with Blades of Glory and The Switch directing team Will Speck and Josh Gordon behind it.  Guided by the ghost of his assassin mentor Bryce (Jason Sudeikis), Hit-Monkey sets out on a mission to take out a slew of villains in the Japanese criminal underworld.  Olivia Munn and George Takei co-star and it seems to have a bit of an Archer vibe, especially from Bryce who comments and nitpicks Hit-Monkey’s performance.  The show arrives on Hulu on November 17th and you can check out the teaser below.

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