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Everything Action Theater: Meatballs

If you’re looking to honor the legacy of Ivan Reitman after his recent passing, you can check out his breakthrough movie Meatballs in the latest Everything Action Theater.  Debuting in 1979, Meatballs was Reitman’s first huge hit and his first team-up with Bill Murray, who made his starring role debut in the movie.  The duo would go on to make the equally huge Stripes and Ghostbusters in the next few years and both of them continued making hits throughout the 80s and 90s.  Meatballs is set at Camp North Star with Murray playing Tripper Harrison, the head boys counselor who is training a new group of counselors, playing practical jokes on the camp director, and romancing the head girls counselor Roxanne (Kate Lynch).  The template set by Meatballs helped paved the way for future camp comedies, like Camp Nowhere, Heavyweights, and Wet Hot American Summer.  Meatballs was a surprise hit when it came out and ended up grossing $70 million worldwide and it spawned four sequels, although Reitman and Murray had nothing to do with those films.  You can check out Meatballs in its entirety below thanks to YouTube.

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