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Everything Action Theater: Wish Upon

Joey King is one of the many assassins on board the Bullet Train this weekend and you can watch one of her most wonderfully absurd movies, Wish Upon, for this week’s Everything Action Theater.  Coming out in 2017, Wish Upon has King playing Clare Shannon, an unpopular high schooler whose mother committed suicide and who is constantly embarrassed by her father Jonathan (Ryan Phillippe), who dumpster dives for metal scraps and other items to sell but is actually supposed to be making a living as a jazz musician.  In one of his dives, Jonathan finds a Chinese wishing box that allegedly gives its owner seven wishes.  Clare begins to make wishes, like having the most popular boy in school fall in love with her or her and her father becoming rich.  The wishes happen but there are unforeseen side effects as someone has to die for the wishes to be fulfilled.  There are some ridiculous Final Destinationesque death scenes, Ryan Phillippe jamming out on a saxophone, a completely out of nowhere Jerry O’Connell cameo, and more wacky craziness.  The movie was featured on Best of the Worst, with Mike and Jay praising its schlocky charms, and we also watched it for an Everything Action Commentary.  You can watch the entire movie below thanks to YouTube.

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