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Henry Golding Joins the Assassin Club (Trailer)

While Snake Eyes didn’t quite work out too well, Henry Golding is back as an action hero in the John Wick-looking Assassin Club.  Golding plays Morgan, an assassin who discovers a plot that pits him against seven other deadly assassins, with each kill earning $1 million.  Looking to get out of the assassin’s life, Morgan has no choice but to complete the contract before one of the other assassins takes him out.  Daniela Melchior co-stars as Golding’s love interest with Noomi Rapace as the most ruthless seeming of Morgan’s opponents and Sam Neill as the mysterious agent who brings the contract to Morgan’s attention.  Camille Delamarre, who previously directed Brick Mansions and The Transporter Refueled, is directing Assassin Club and it’s out on Digital on May 16th and then DVD/Blu-ray on June 6th.  Check out the trailer below.

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