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Hit the Court With White Men Can’t Jump on Hulu in May (Trailer)

90s classic White Men Can’t Jump is returning on Hulu with a remake hitting the service in May.  While the original starred the dynamic duo of Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes, this new version stars Jack Harlow and Sinqua Walls as the duo of basketball hustlers who team up in an attempt to win a massive street basketball tournament.  Teyana Taylor, Laura Harrier, Tamara Kissen, Myles Bullock, Vince Staples, and the late Lance Reddick co-star.  Kenya Burris, who created black-ish, produced and co-wrote the movie and it’s directed by music video director Charles “Calmatic” Kidd II, who directed the video for “Old Town Road” and another 90s classic remake with the new House Party.  White Men Can’t Jump is on Hulu on May 19th and you can check out the trailer below.

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