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Musical Montage: Jack Black “Peaches”

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is out this week on 4K and Blu-ray, which means you can relive things like Jack Black’s hilarious piano ballad “Peaches” over and over again.  In an ode to his love, Princess Peach, Bowser performs the song during the movie and then reveals his ultimate plan to force Peach to marry him or he’ll use the power of the Super Star to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom.  Co-director Aaron Horvath told Gamespot in an interview that they originally planned on a more metal/Tenacious D-style song for Bowser but it was transformed into the ballad that made it into the movie.  The song peaked at #56 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was Jack Black’s first solo single to chart.  It is also eligible to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song.  “Peaches” got two music videos, one an animated video featuring Bowser and other clips from the movie and the other, directed by Cole Bennett, featuring Black in live-action in a Bowser costume and playing piano.  Check out both below.

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