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Kraven Stalks His Pray in October (Trailer)

While Sony has been delivering genre-redefining excellence with their animated Spider-Man movies, things haven’t been quite as great on the live-action side.  While the Venom movies are fun in a ridiculous way, Morbius was a terrible disaster.  This October, we’ll see where Kraven the Hunter lands when Aaron Taylor-Johnson stars in the Spider-Man villain’s solo movie.  Taylor-Johnson is Sergei Kravenoff, whose father is a ruthless crime boss (played by Russell Crowe) who tries to force Kraven into the family business.  After failing to kill a lion on a hunt in Africa, Kraven’s blood mixes with the lion, giving him heightened abilities and an ability to communicate with animals, which he uses to attack his father’s business and any other criminals that threaten the natural world.  Ariana Debose plays Calypso, Fred Hechinger is Kraven’s half-brother, The Chameleon, and Alessandro Nivola plays The Rhino.  JC Chandor, who most recently directed Triple Frontier for Netflix, is directing Kraven the Hunter, which seems to be leaning into an R rating with brutal violence.  Kraven is out on October 6th and you can check out the trailer below.

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