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Musical Montage: Madonna “Crazy for You”

Alongside Matthew Modine and Linda Fiorentino, 1985’s Vision Quest also featured the first movie appearance from Madonna, who performed the song “Crazy for You” in the movie and on the soundtrack.  The film starred Modine as a high school wrestler who is trying to drop weight classes to take on the region’s most formidable wrestler but he falls for an older woman, played by Fiorentino, who is renting a room at Modine’s house.  Madonna is the singer at the local club and performs “Crazy for You” along with a song called “Gambler”.  “Crazy for You” became Madonna’s second number-one hit after “Material Girl” and in some regions, Vision Quest was renamed to Crazy for You to capitalize on Madonna’s quickly rising superstardom.  Madonna received her first Grammy nomination for the song as well.  You can check out the music video for “Crazy for You” below.

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