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Everything Action Theater: Dumb and Dumber

One of the greatest comedy movies ever made, you can watch 1994’s Dumb and Dumber in the latest Everything Action Theater.  Starring Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey, Dumb and Dumber hit theaters in December of ’94 and capped off one of the most insanely successful years for any actor in the history of Hollywood for Carrey, who also had Ace Ventura and The Mask released to huge success earlier in the year.  Dumb and Dumber features Daniels and Carrey as Harry and Lloyd, two dim-witted best friends who embark on a cross-country quest to return a briefcase to the beautiful Mary Swanson (Lauren Holly), who is actually caught up in a kidnapping scheme orchestrated by family friend Nicholas Andre (Charles Rocket), who has kidnapped Mary’s husband with her none the wiser. The movie is packed with iconic moments, timeless quotes, and a banger of a soundtrack and neither of the two follow-up movies has tarnished the legacy of the first, despite their lesser quality.  You can watch the entire movie below thanks to YouTube.

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