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A Surfer Gets on Temuera Morrison’s Bad Side in Sons of Summer (Trailer)

Taking a break from the Star Wars universe, Temuera Morrison is the enforcer for a ruthless crime boss in Sons of Summer.  Joe Davidson stars as Sean, a surfer who is planning a road trip to his late father’s favorite surf spot.  He’s pulled into a dangerous situation by his drug dealing friend, who asks Sean to help with “one last job”, which involves stealing a drug shipment from a local crime boss.  Wanting his drugs back, the crime boss (Christopher Pate) dispatches Frank (Morrison) to do whatever it takes to get them back.  Sean’s friends and girlfriend (Isabel Lucas) get dragged into the conflict and Sean has to race to figure out how to rescue his girl and stop Frank.  The movie was directed by Clive Fleury and it’s out in select theaters, on-demand and digital on July 28.  Check out the trailer below.

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