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Everything Action Theater: Mission: Impossible (1988)

Tom Cruise is back this week for the seventh time as Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One and back in 1988, the original IMF agent, Peter Graves, returned for a revival of the original 1966 M:I series.  15 years after the original series ended, Mission: Impossible was revived on ABC for two seasons, bringing back Jim Phelps (Graves) when his protege is murdered and forming a new IMF team to take on the trademark dangerous missions.  The new team included Thaao Penghlis as Nicholas Black, a master of disguise, Tony Hamilton as Max Harte, a strongman, Phil Morris as Grant Collier, an electronics expert, Terry Markwell as Casey Randall as a former model turned secret agent.  Along with Graves, Bob Johnson, the iconic voice on the tapes that described each mission, returned for every episode of the revival series.  The new series ran until February 1990, with the Tom Cruise series starting 6 years later with the classic initial entry from Brian De Palma.  You can check out the first episode of the 1988 series “The Killer”, below thanks to YouTube.

Where to watch Mission: Impossible

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