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Class is in Session in The Boys Universe with Gen V (Trailer)

We’ve seen the corporate world of superheroes is brutal on The Boys but college for supes is just as brutal, as we’ll find out in September with Gen V.  Set at Godolkin University, a Vought run college that trains young superheroes, Jaz Sinclair stars as Marie Moreau, a new freshman with the ability to “bend” blood into a weapon.  She joins fellow freshman Andre (Chance Perdomo), who can bend metal, Emma (Lizzie Broadway), a half-inch tall supe who can grow to normal size, Cate (Maddie Phillips), a mind empath, Jordan (Derek Luh and London Thor), who can shift between genders and Sam (Asa Germann), who has undisclosed powers.  While competing to have the highest rank in the various courses, which will catch the attention of the Vought brass and put them on the path to becoming a major superhero, the new class uncovers a dark secret going on within the school.  Jessie T. Usher, Colby Minifie, PJ Byrne, and Jensen Ackles will guest star from the main series, and Patrick Schwarzenegger, Jason Ritter, Clancy Brown, and Sean Patrick Thomas co-star as well.  The series debuts on September 29th on Prime Video and you can check out the trailer below.

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