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Frank Grillo Puts a Hit Out on Himself in King of Killers (Trailer)

Based on a graphic novel by Kevin Grevioux, who previously created the characters in the Underworld franchise (and co-starred in the movies as Raze), Grevioux writes and directs (and co-stars in) King of Killers, coming to theaters and digital/VOD in September.  Frank Grillo plays Jorg Drakos, the “King of Killers”, who puts out a contract out on himself and draws the best assassins in the world to Tokyo for a competition.  Either one of them kills Drakos and earns $10 million or Drakos kills all of them.  Alain Moussi plays Marcus Garan, one of the assassins looking to avenge the death of his wife and George St. Pierre, Marie Avgeropoulo, and Stephen Dorff co-star.  King of Killers is out on September 1st and you can check out the trailer below.

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