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Musical Montage: Jimmy Buffet “Turning Around”

The first starring role for John Candy, Summer Rental has become a deep cut cult classic for 80s comedy fans and it features the only appearance of the Jimmy Buffet song “Turning Around”.  Summer Rental, directed by Carl Reiner, finds Candy as over worked air traffic controller Jack Chester, who takes his family on vacation from Chicago to Florida in the resort town of Citrus Cove.  Among numerous mishaps, including getting absurdly sun burned, Chester runs afoul of rich Citrus Cove native Al Pellet (Richard Crenna), who owns the lease on Chester’s rental home and wants to kick him out.  They decided to settle things during the annual Citrus Cove Regetta, a sailboat race that Pellet has consistently won.  With the help of local seafood restaraunt owner Scully (Rip Torn), the entire Chester family gets a boat ready for the race, which needs a montage set to “Turning Around”.  The song also plays during the movie’s end credits.  The Summer Rental soundtrack is the only place that “Turning Around” has ever appeared on, not appearing on any other Buffet albums.  There was no music video for the song to accompany the movie and it doesn’t appear to have been released as a single but you can listen to the song below.

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