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Everything Action Theater: Drunken Master

One of the greatest movies in Jackie Chan’s filmography, you can watch the 1978 martial arts classic Drunken Master in the latest Everything Action Theater.  Chan plays Wong Fei-hung, based on the real-life martial artist and folk hero of the same name.  A mischievous young man, Wong Fei-Hung is forced by his father into the martial arts tutelage of Beggar So after a series of embarrassing episodes.  Scared of the brutal reputation of So’s teaching style, Wong tries to run away multiple times but eventually is forced to submit and learns So’s “The Eight Drunken Immortals” Drunken Boxing style of martial arts.  The movie was a huge hit at the Hong Kong box office and spawned a sequel, Drunken Master II in 1994 and numerous imitators and homages, including Edgar Wright emulating the Drunken Master style of fighting in The World’s End and Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Dead or Alive and The King of Fighters all featured Drunken Boxing style characters at some point.  You can watch the entire movie below, thanks to YouTube.

Where to watch Drunken Master

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