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Musical Montage: Whodini “Anyway I Gotta Swing It”

The Nightmare on Elm Street series has had an eclectic mix of music on the various movie soundtracks from The Fat Boys to Dokken and for A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child, rap group Whodini performed “Anyway I Gotta Swing It”.  The second movie to feature Alice (Lisa Wilcox) as the main protagonist, she becomes pregnant and Freddy is able to return and use the unborn child’s dreams to attack Alice’s new group of friends.  The soundtrack album actually featured heavy metal and rock on one side and hip-hop/rap on the other side.  “Anyway I Gotta Swing It” was featured on the VHS release of The Dream Child and could be seen after the credits of the movie concluded.  The song was released as a single for Whodini but it doesn’t appear to have made any significant impact on any charts.  Whodini were no strangers to spooky songs, previously releasing “The Haunted House of Rock” and “Freaks Come Out at Night” (which can be read as being about promiscuous ladies or ghouls).  The music video features Whodini on a spooky, Elm Street-inspired set and you can check it out below.

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