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Horror Villain of the Week: M3GAN

Name: M3GAN

Portrayed by: Physically by Amie Donald, Voice by Jenna Davis

Origins: M3GAN is an android created by roboticist Gemma to be the ultimate childhood companion.  When her niece Cady moves in with her after the death of her parents, Gemma pairs M3GAN with Cady, with M3GAN given the directive to protect and care for Cady.  M3GAN’s AI grows exponentially and she takes her main directives to the extreme, beginning to threaten and kill anyone who she perceives to be a threat to Cady.

Powers: M3GAN can manipulate all forms of electronics and can record and imitate human voices.  She is also stronger and more durable than a human and her AI mind is constantly evolving, making her increasingly intelligent.

Weapon(s) of Choice: Paper cutter blade, bare hands

Main Adversaries: Gemma and Cady

See M3GAN in Action:

Where to watch M3GAN

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