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Everything Actioncast: Yes, Madam!

This week on the Everything Actioncast, we kick off our new format of diving into specific movies with 1985’s Yes, Madam!

Michelle Yeoh’s latest project is The Brothers Sun on Netflix (out right now) but Yes, Madam! was her first starring role, co-starring with another one of our favorites, Cynthia Rothrock, who made her film debut in the movie.  Yeoh plays Inspector Ng from the Hong Kong PD, who is forced to team up with Scotland Yard’s Carrie Morris (Rothrock) when a British citizen is murdered and microfilm that could put away crime boss Mr. Tin (James Tien) goes missing.  Zach and Chris talk about the confusing nature of the In The Line of Duty series, the differences between the original Cantonese and English dubbed versions, the awesome fight scenes, the bumbling side criminals, bizarre indoor beach clubs, and more.

Next week we’re diving into The Transporter to get hyped for Jason Statham’s latest, The Beekeeper, hitting theaters.

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