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Up to Speed: Halo Season 2

The second season of Halo on Paramount+ begins on Thursday (2/8) this week and, since you can’t rely on your knowledge of the game’s storyline, you can check out the official Season 1 recap from Parmount+ in this Up to Speed.  Pablo Schreiber takes up the armor of Master Chief aka John-117 (taking off his helmet way more than the game’s Chief though), who is battling the alien forces of The Covenant.  He discovers an ancient artifact called the Keystone after defending an outpost on the planet Madrigal from Covenant attack and it unlocks memories along with providing information about a powerful weapon known as Halo.  John’s connection to the Keystone also connects him to Makee (Charlie Murphy), a human woman raised by the Covenant who shares the ability to activate and use the Keystones.  There’s also John’s team of Spartans, Silver Team, a young rebel named Kwan Ha (Yerin Ha) who is rescued by John on Madrigal and left with a former Spartan turned pirate Soren-66 (Bokheem Woodbine), the sinister Dr. Halsey (Natascha McElhone) who spearheaded the Spartan program along with creating Cortana (Jen Taylor), an AI that is now integrated into John’s brain.  The first two episodes of Halo season 2 are up on Thursday and a new episode releases every week for 8 episodes total.  You can check out the recap from Paramount+ below.


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