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Everything Action Theater: Timecop

One of the best JCVD movies, you can watch 1994’s Timecop in the latest Everything Action Theater.  Based on a Dark Horse comic, Van Damme stars as Max Walker, an officer for the Time Enforcement Commission, which was created after time travel was invented. The TEC monitors history and stops it from being altered but a nefarious US senator, Aaron McComb (Ron Silver) uses his position overseeing the TEC to alter the past and make himself a wealthy presidential candidate.  Max has to figure out how to go back and stop McComb but also has a personal mission to try and prevent his wife Melissa (Mia Sara) from being murdered.  Peter Hyams directed the movie and teamed up again with Van Damme later for Sudden Death and Universal Soldier: Regeneration, which was directed by his son, John Hyams.  Timecop made over $100 million worldwide when it came out and spawned a direct to video sequel, which starred Jason Scott Lee and Thomas Ian Griffith, and a short-lived TV series on ABC.  You can watch the entire movie below thanks to YouTube.

Where to watch Timecop

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