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Battle at the Box Office 2/19/24

Bob Marley ruled the box office between Valentine’s Day and today’s Presidents’ Day holiday, handily defeating the Spider-Women of Madame Web.

Bob Marley: One Love took in $28.6 million over the traditional 3-day weekend and has a domestic total of $46.4 million, as it came out on Wednesday last week. Worldwide, it has $80.9 million.  Compared to other recent musical biopics, it’s around half as much as Bohemian Rhapsody but it was only slightly behind Elvis, which opened to $31.2 million in 2022.  It’s ahead of Get on Up and Rocketman.  Audiences gave it an A CinemaScore, so it seems like it could have some strong legs, at least until Dune Part 2 rolls in to crush everything under a sandworm.

Madame Web made $15.3 million over the normal weekend and took 2nd place, with $23.5 million total for its five days out.  Even if you give Madame Web all five days as its opening weekend, it is still the lowest opening so far for Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, not even close to the opening weekends of Into the Spider-Verse or Morbius, which made $39 million just over a regular 3 day weekend.  Worldwide, Madame Web has $51.9 million so far.  The only thing keeping Madame Web from being an utter disaster is that the budget was a fairly responsible $80 million compared to the absurdly bloated budgets of movies like The Flash last year.  The CinemaScore was a disastrous C+ however, so there’s a definite chance the movie craters this coming weekend and it may not even break even.

After two weeks on top, Argylle dropped to third place with $4.8 million, bringing it to $36.6 million domestically.  It has $77.5 million worldwide so far.  It’s trending well ahead of the last Matthew Vaughn movie, The King’s Man, and it’s about $5 million off from where Kick-Ass was at the same point in its box office run.

Migration and another set of episodes of The Chosen (Season 4 Episodes 4-6) rounded out the top 5.  This batch of Chosen episodes are down about $2 million from the batch of episodes that came out on February 1st and there’s another batch of episodes being released by Fathom on February 29th.  Migration has $255.9 million worldwide after 9 weeks of release.

Lisa Frankenstein nosedived after last week’s disastrous Super Bowl weekend, dropping from 2nd to 9th place with $2 million.  It only dropped 43% from last weekend but last weekend was so low, that’ still a significantly low box office.  It seems destined to become a cult favorite loved by a niche audience.  Action movie Land of Bad, co-starring Russell Crowe, got into the top 10 at 10th place with $1.8 million in 1,120 theaters.

The Per Theater average went to Bob Marley: One Love, which made $8,081 in each of the 3,539 theaters it was playing in over the weekend.


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