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Everything Action Commentary: Hidden Strike (2023)

For the latest Everything Action commentary, Zach and Chris celebrate this month’s Lunar New Year with another Jackie Chan movie, last year’s team-up with John Cena, Hidden Strike.

Chan is a former Chinese special forces soldier who now runs a private security unit while Cena is a former Marine turned mercenary.  Their paths collide in the Middle East on the “Highway of Death” as Chan’s “Dragon” Feng is tasked with transporting the crew of a Chinese oil refinery and Cena’s Chris Van Horne is roped into kidnapping a professor who is among the evacuated civilians.  After some initial misunderstandings, the pair team up, along with Dragon’s daughter Mei (Ma Chunrui) to stop the villainous Owen Paddock (Pilou Asbaek) from stealing the oil for himself (he also killed one of Dragon’s team members and Chris’ brother).

While watching the movie, the guys talk about the overtly serious first half of the movie, the PS3-level CGI, giant man-made sandstorms, rocket-powered cement trucks, the fire-extinguishing foam fight, and more.  You can stream Hidden Strike on Netflix and you can sync up the commentary below to watch along with the Everything Action crew.

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