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Bonus: Home Alone 1+2 Trailers

Think of these videos as your holiday bonus. Get it?? Okay, I’ll leave the comedy to the professionals: the Wet Bandits Harry and Marv from “Home Alone”. Who would’ve thought that Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern would be perfect slapstick partners? Watch the evidence below in the trailers: [MEDIA=7] [MEDIA=8]

Bonus: Fireball’s Death on The Running Man

NFL MVP running back Jim Brown makes an brief appearance in “The Running Man” as the stalker Fireball. His powers are, you guessed it: fire. Armed with a jet-pack and flame-throwers, Fireball is no match for Ben Richards who is quick to put out his flame. Also, watch Jesse Ventura flex his muscles as Captain […]

Bonus: Bill Duke in Commando

“You scared, muthafucka’?” Sure, it might not be THAT scary when I say it, but it is utterly chilling when Bill Duke says it in “Commando”. Our #15 choice on our top voices list has been in many different films, usually playing the evil/menacing/just-plain-badass black guy. To show our appreciation for Mr. Duke’s efforts, I’ve […]

…And We’re Back

Sorry for all the porn and Chinese characters people, but we are finally back on the Interwebs. We fought the Internet, and won. Go us. Why all the confusion and downtime? Well, last year I registered the domain through someone and they disappeared. So I had to go through this Chinese company who had the […]

Bonus: Street Fighter Documentary

One of the bonus gems from the Street Fighter “Collector’s Edition” DVD is a 5-minute behind-the-scenes documentary on the film. While it may contain some bogus information, it’s narrated by the Voice of God himself, Don LaFontaine. And speaking of Mr. LaFontaine, check out our Thanksgiving Blowout next week.

Bonus: Gary Busey in Drag

If you ask me, there are only four appropriate reactions to this clip: OMG, WTF, LOL, or any combination of those. During the captain’s “party”, Commander Krill (Busey) dresses in drag to the delight (?!) of all the crew members. Now there’s one image I’ll never get out of my head ever again.

Bonus: Clip from “Simpson Tide”

I not only chose this clip because of the clever gags, the one-liners, or the parodies of the 90’s Naval scandals. Nope, it’s all because of one scene before Homer’s trial – the same kid-with-dog scene found at the end of “Crimson Tide”. It’s a great reference that I didn’t get until I saw the […]

Bonus: Colin Mochrie on Goosebumps

Whilst watching the Goosebumps marathon this past weekend on Cartoon Network, I noticed quite a ridiculous cameo. “Whose Line”‘s Colin Mochrie as a theater usher in “Bad Hare Day”. I don’t know what’s funnier: his “scary” presence, the fact he did just one line, or the cameo itself. You be the judge.

Bonus: Harrison Ford Intense Face

All throughout “Air Force One”, Harrison Ford shows off his classic intense face. (For a sample, take a look at the cover of the Air Force One DVD.) When interviewed by Conan O’Brien, Harrison Ford was put to the test. What makes the Intense Face powerful: the music, or just the face itself? Conan puts […]

Welcome Fancast Listeners!

Like what you heard on our College University Fancast? Well, that is only the beginning. Since 2006, we’ve been pumping out podcasts on your favorite awesome and awesomely bad movies. Listen each week as Zach and I recap a movie, dissect it, and make very bad jokes. Our website also doubles as a blog. Along […]