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Action Hero of the Week: Jonas Taylor

Called to a high tech deep ocean research facility for a rescue of a submarine crew, rescue diver Jonas Taylor has to team with the research team to stop a prehistoric monster shark that is unleashed during the rescue.

New Release Round Up 1/7

Box office juggernaut and awards contender Joker is out this week on DVD and Blu-Ray along with The Lighthouse, Big Little Lies Season 2, Girl on the Third Floor and more.

The X-Men Go Horror With the Long Delayed New Mutants (Trailer)

Delayed since 2017, it seems like the horror take on The New Mutants from director Josh Boone is finally coming out in April this year as a group of young mutants band together to try and escape a creepy hospital that claims to want to help them control their powers.

Battle at the Box Office 1/6

Rise of Skywalker remained on top of the box office for the first weekend of both 2020 and a new decade while Frozen II became the highest-grossing animated film worldwide.

Musical Montage: Ramones “Rock n Roll High School”

Produced by Roger Corman, 1979’s Rock n Roll High School was a musical comedy where arguably the biggest Ramones fan Riff Randall tries to meet the Ramones to give them a song she wrote, also called “Rock n Roll High School”, and eventually gets the help of the band to take over her school.

Admit One 1/3

2020 (and a new decade) kicks off with an apparently terrible new version of The Grudge as the only new movie in theaters this weekend.

January Movie Preview

2020 begins with a slew of horror, including a new spin on The Grudge, the return of Bad Boys with Bad Boys for Life, World War I epic 1917, the latest from Guy Ritchie with The Gentlemen and more in January.

Zach’s Top 5 Worst Movies of 2019

There weren’t a lot of truly awful films in 2019 but these 5 were particularly egregious, whether they were utter disasters or, more often than not, just extremely boring and generic. Here are Zach’s picks for the Top 5 Worst Movies of 2019.

Action Hero of the Week: One

Faking his own death, billionaire tech mogul One decides to use his resources to form a vigilante team of other “ghosts” to take down evil around the world that governments won’t touch.