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Hugo Trailer

Martin Scorsese attempts his first family movie with Hugo, based on the book, The Invention of Hugo Cabret, and follows a young orphan’s adventures in a Paris train station and solving the mystery of a magician’s robot.

The Thing (2011) Trailer

It’s been under the radar for a while but the prequel to John Carpenter’s classic The Thing has reemerged today with a new poster and trailer.

John Carter Trailer

Disney is adapting the classic Edgar Rice Burroughs’ pulp series John Carter of Mars, into a live action action/adventure movie directed by Pixar director Andrew Stanton.

Contagion Trailer

Steven Soderbergh unleashes a deadly virus into theaters this September with his film, Contagion.

Batman: Year One Trailer

We get our first look at the latest and highly anticipated DC Animated movie, Batman: Year One, based on one of the greatest Batman stories ever by Frank Miller.

Assassination Games Trailer

JCVD is back in action as an assassin who has to team up with a rival, played by Scott Adkins, to take down a corrupt DEA agent.