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It’s No-End House 2 This September with Hell Fest (Trailer)

Channel Zero’s Amy Forsyth finds herself in almost the exact same situation that she was in No-End House as she and a group of friends head to an extreme horror theme park but find themselves the target of a real masked killer hiding among the scare actors.

Aliens Invade Netflix with Extinction (Trailer)

Michael Pena stars in Netflix’s upcoming alien invasion movie Extinction as a father who starts having violent dreams that turn out to be premonitions of the incoming alien threat and must fight to protect his family.

Netflix Gets Some Indian Horror with Ghoul (Trailer)

Netflix, Blumhouse and Indian proudcer Anurag Kashyap are teaming up to bring some Indian horror to Netflix in August with the mini-series Ghoul, where demons and other horrors are unleashed at a remote Indian military prison.

The Purge Comes to USA (Trailer)

The Purge is coming to the small screen as USA is debuting a 10 episode series set in the universe of the Blumhouse horror franchise in September.