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The Pull List – Eternity #3

Eternity #3 starts with a clash between the Future-Light and Past-Light, the two groups fighting over Divinity and Myshka’s child. Divinity with all of his immense power, refuses to participate in the violence, watching the two groups meaningless battle gives him a passive perspective about the whole conflict. Neither side is right or wrong, but with the balance maintaining […]

The Pull List: Eternity Vol 1

  Written by Matt Kindt and art provided by Trevor Hairsine and Ryan Winn, Eternity is the follow up series of Valiant’s  Divinity, Divinity II and Divinity III. Divinity introduced the character Abram Adams, a Russian cosmonaut that traveled deep into outer space. During his travels he gained immense power, giving him god like abilities. With his […]