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Everything Action Theater: Nightflyers (1987)

A new series based on George RR Martin’s sci-fi novella is hitting SyFy starting on December 2nd but it’s not the first adaptation, as a movie version of Nightflyers hit theaters in 1987 and you can watch the whole thing right here.

400 Days Trailer

A crew of astronauts are part of an experiment to see the possibly effects of deep space travel but things go horribly wrong in the first theatrical SyFy movie, 400 Days.

Stranded Trailer

Christian Slater leads a team of military personnel on a moon base when a meteor storm bombards the base and may have brought something alien with them that starts infecting the crew in the upcoming sci fi/horror movie, Stranded.

Everything Actioncast Ep. 23 “Karl Urbane”

This week the trio of Zach, Chris and Joe discuss The X-Files, who they would want Ash to fight in Evil Dead 4, the appropriate level of buffness for Judge Dredd and their favorite versions of Satan in movies and TV.