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Action Hero of the Week: James Cullen

After getting out of prison, James “Driver” Cullen immediately sets out to take down everyone on a list of names who were involved in putting him behind bars and killing his brother.

Battle at the Box Office 2/25

Identity Thief reclaimed the top spot at the box office this weekend while A Good Day to Die Hard plummeted to fifth place after winning the box office last weekend.

Movie Poster Contest!

The Everything Actioncast has been on the internet airwaves for 1 year and to celebrate, we’re giving away a bunch of movie posters.

The 5th Annual Kick Ass Awards

Move over Oscars and take a seat Golden Globes because it’s time for the only awards that matter: The Kick Ass Awards. Find out who will be Ass Kicker of the Year and what Everything Action’s Movie of the Year is.

Battle at the Box Office 11/29

Harry Potter managed to hold onto to the top spot over the weekend despite some strong Thanksgiving competition in the form of Disney’s Tangled.