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Action Hero of the Week: Alex Kane

Recruited by a mysterious group, security expert Alex Kane becomes “The Player” and must win bets that involve preventing crimes before they happen while investigating the disappearance of his ex-wife.

Action Hero of the Week: Max Gatling

Sent into a quarantined city to rescue a young girl, mercenary Max Gatling discovers a horde of infected, blood thirsty humans but also a squad of zombie killing robots that can even the odds.

Action Hero of the Week: Al Simmons

After he’s betrayed by his boss and sent to Hell, Al Simmons makes a deal with the demon Malebolgia and returns to Earth as the supernatural vigilante, Spawn.

Hercules Trailer #2

The Rock takes on the role of legendary hero Hercules as he and a motley group of mercenaries arrive in Thrace to defend it from an undead horde of warriors from Hades.

Red 2 Trailer

Frank Moses is forced out of retirement again when he becomes the target of a mysterious European villain in Red 2.