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The Jack Attack: Hour 22

By Zach

So last night’s 24 was easily one of the best episodes in the show’s history, as Jack was in completely unleashed bad ass mode.

After eviscerating Pavel, Jack, Jim and Meredith returned to street level.  Jack asked Jim to do him one more favor and track the location of the last placed call on Pavel’s cell while he escorted Meredith to a pay phone.  Jack told her she had to expose the conspiracy if he didn’t make it and that she had to find someone she could trust and lie low until the story was out.

Jason and CTU arrived at the scene of Jack’s interrogation of Pavel and Jason called Logan asking him again to distance himself from the situation.  Logan said it was too late however as President Taylor’s press secretary was making the announcement about his key role.  Logan then went to tell President Taylor the bad news about Jack’s most recent escape and she was furious but Logan turned the screws and told her it was all her decisions that had gotten them to this point, he just made suggestions.  His latest suggestion is that Taylor needs to lock down Meredith’s paper to keep the story from getting out.  He then smugly headed out to meet Russian President Suvarov, who is arriving shortly.

Jim gets the location of Logan’s phone for Jack and tells him this is the last favor.  Jack agrees and, after seeing where Logan is heading, suits up in full body assault armor (including a bad ass face mask).  As Logan and his limo enter a traffic tunnel, Jack attacks with a full arsenal of weapons, easily taking out the Secret Service guards and drowning Logan in tear gas.  Logan collapses and Jack drags him off into a service tunnel.

Back at CTU, Chloe and Arlo finally figure out who Jack’s contact is and Chloe decides they need to question him about Jack’s whereabouts before Jason and his men can kill him.  Chloe goes to Cole and asks him to go question Jim, which he agrees to do.

On orders from President Taylor, Tim Woods orders the FBI to ransack Meredith’s paper, locking everyone down and forcing her to flee to a hotel.  She then tries to call Dalia Hassan but is answered by Kyla, who is rightfully pissed but after hearing the Russians may be involved, agrees to have her mother call her when she comes back.  However, Meredith is quickly arrested by the FBI, who recover the video file on the data card.

In the service tunnels, Jack holds a sniveling Logan at gunpoint and demands to know who the Russian in charge of the conspiracy is.  Logan tries to convince Jack that he had nothing to do with anything but finally cracks and admits that Novakovich is the head of the conspiracy.  Jack hears Jason and his recently arrived CTU team closing in and puts Logan in sleeper choke, then escapes.  Ditching the body armor, he heads to Novakovich’s penthouse and kills the guards guarding the elevator, taking a stab in the midsection in the process.  He then rampages through the penthouse (although we don’t see it), killing Novakovich with a fireplace poker and leaving only one surviving guard, who informs Logan of what happened.  After recovering from Jack’s attack, Logan calls Suvarov and tells him what happened.  Suvarov is worried that Novakovich might have talked, since Suvarov was the one who ordered the hit on Renee and wanted to end the peace talks.  Logan assures him that Jack killed everyone without questions but is unaware that Jack placed a listening bug on his collar, so he knows everything.  Wounded, Jack heads off to execute his final play.

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