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Everything Actioncast Ep. 115 “Bad Ass Nuke Cocktails”

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This week on the podcast, Zach and Chris (joined later by Joe) talk about some of the latest trailers, the role of Third Echelon in the Tom Clancy universe, Superfly, the fighting style of the Ninja Turtles, Danny Trejo, awesome and terrible sequels and much more.

  • News: Trailers for Resident Evil: Retribution, Monsters University and Hijacked, TMNT reboot delayed due to script problems, Splinter Cell movie might be in the works, Horrible possible plot details for Mortal Kombat reboot, BBC getting it’s own Muppet Show and the New Release Round Up.
  • Show and Tell: All the guys watched Hard Target and Chris watched Superfly while Zach watched Burn Notice, Thundercats, Bad Ass and Seeking Justice and Joe watched The Exorcist II: The Heretic, Green Hornet, Cocktail, My Cousin Vinny, Ed Wood and Robocop 2.

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