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Top 5 Worst of 2012


As good as a lot of the movies were this past year, there were a ton that were horrible.  For every Avengers and Dark Knight Rises, there was a Raven or Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter to balance it out.  Check out the the Everything Action crew’s picks for the 5 worst movies of 2012.



5. Seeking Justice

4. Taken 2

3.  Battleship

2. Dark Shadows

1. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter



5. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

4. Dark Shadows

3. Chernobyl Diaries

2. The Raven

1. The Woman in Black



5. Taken 2

4. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

3. The Devil Inside

2. Chernobyl Diaries

1. The Raven

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