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Up to Speed: Grimm Season 3

By Zach


One of NBC’s surprise hits, Grimm has developed into a fun supernatural procedural over it’s two seasons with some good mythology building and the third season begins on Friday (10/25).  If you aren’t familiar with the show, it follows Portland detective Nick Burkhardt, who discovers he’s a Grimm and able to see creatures called Wessen, who look like normal people but have hidden, animal like sides.  Various Wessen have been the basis for numerous folktales and legends over the centuries.  Nick gathers a team to help him solve various Wessen related crimes including his police partner, Hank, a wolf like Wessen named Monroe, a fox like Wessen named Rosalee and his girlfriend, Juliet, all of whom know about his secret.     You can check out the video below to get caught up with what happened in Season 2 and then check out Season 3 on NBC at 9 PM.

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