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For ISIS Eyes Only: Filibuster

By Zach


Setting up what is sure to be an insane finale was this week’s episode of Archer, which picks up three weeks from Palace Intrigue as Cyril is the new presidente and Archer is locked away.

After seemingly saving the day with a tank at the end of Palace Intrigue Part II, Cyril goes power made and takes over the country of San Marcos for himself, locking Archer away in jail along with Juliana and Gustavo, who have apparently become weird sex partners through the bars.  When Cherlene annoys him, Cyril throws her in jail as well.  Cyril then decides to marry Juliana because, despite her backstabbing craziness, she’s still ridiculously attractive.

Archer, Gustavo and Cherlene decide to try and escape and join the rebels in an effort to overthrow Cyril and get home.  Cherlene somehow has a key hidden in her insanely short shorts and the trio steals a car to get to the San Marcos airport. On the way there though, they are distracted by the San Marcos zoo, where they meet a new friend, Shane the Tiger:


Cherlene, with her usual lack of judgement, wants to take Shane with them and breaks the lock on his cage.  As you might expect, he instantly escapes and mauls Gustavo to death.


Cherlene and Archer manage to get to the airport and find Agent Holly and Slater, both of whom reveal themselves to be CIA and also the rebels.  Lana arrives at the airport as well to get Archer back to disarm a nuclear chemical warhead but her water breaks as the episode ends.

Speaking of that warhead, Kreiger has been working with his clones for the last three weeks but when the clone trio won’t reveal the target and seem insane even to Kreiger, an epic clone battle ensues with it not clear which Kreiger comes out on top.

  • Obscure Pop Culture Reference of the Week: Seemingly obscure in the Archer universe, Mallory doesn’t know what Star Wars is and everyone else confuses Darth Vader with Jesus.
  • Pam is now addicted to raw cacoa leaves and smoothies
  • Pam is also trying to get “Innapropes” into a thing people say
  • “That was actually a proverb” “um, actually, that was a tiger”
  • Pam thinks the “dopplekreigers” are vampires


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